Rio Police Data

25 Jan 2021

Let’s read a dataset, from Ana:

Here’s the data set on drug+homicide+attempted-homicide reports I just got through the information access request. Haven’t really worked on it yet, so excited to have an excuse to do so!

For all things Rio police data related, ISP Dados is the place to look. And I bet you can google translate the site. For precinct shape files, look here (CISPs are the smallest units of analysis).

Another cool dataset is this citizen-reported data on gun shootings in Rio de Janeiro (and Recife, another state capital here in the country). They have an api…and they report both if there was anyone injured as a result of the shooting and if there were any policemen involved.

Fogo Cruzado partnered with a couple of other organizations, including an anonymous citizen-reporting hot line, to create this map of criminal organizations in town. Militia are generally made up of former police, so here’s a hint in case someone wants to look at where most shootings with police involvement are concentrated 👀

And a cool complementary dataviz is the Public Prosecutor’s office’s Data Initiative where you can cross a bunch of social, economic, public service, public safety and other datasets. I recommend crossing the crossed fire dataset with info on where schools and basic health clinics are located. There’s also a dataset on schools where classes where interrupted due to violence.

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